Gusto venue

Gusto, Greek Street

MeatballsOver the last 18 months Leeds has seen an abundance of new restaurants opening, but mostly of the ‘fast food’ types – so if you’re looking for a better class of burger, pizza or pie there’s a myriad of choices available for you.

However, this year has also seen a handful of conventional restaurants opening to compliment those already well established in the city. Some of these will struggle to compete, where loyalty to the originals will be a barrier to their success – however, having dined in Gusto today we’re confident that this new addition will very quickly establish itself as a ‘must go to’ Italian restaurant and will rapidly become a challenge to others places offering a traditional Sunday roast.

I opted for the hand rolled meatballs with a spicy tomato sauce, as a starter (£5.95) while my partner enjoyed the crab, avocado and red chilli bruschetta (also £5.95). The meatballs were an excellent choice, and I’m assured the bruschetta was also a delicious dish. The meatballs also come as a main dish, where they’re served with spaghetti (at £9.95).

Chicken dinnerYou won’t yet find the Sunday lunch listed on the main menu, as it’s such as recent addition, but they serve an option of either roast chicken or beef (unfortunately there isn’t a vegetarian option available, but it’s early days & hopefully something that will be added (please. Gusto?)). This is served with the usual trimmings, including a medium sized Yorkshire pudding,  chunky cut carrots, cabbage, perfectly roasted potatoes and French beans – all smothered in the tastiest and most full flavoured red wine jus I’ve ever tasted (£11.95).

The venue appearance promises a quality experience, and it certainly manages to deliver, as confirmed with this dining experience. And with friendly & attentive staff (without being overbearing) it’s well worth a visit.

While browsing the menu before ordering there were lots of other dishes that sound really mouthwatering, such as The Griffin pizza (£10.75) or the oven baked gnocchi (£9.95) – so will be returning soon to expand on our tasting experience here at Gusto.

Beef dinner