Member survey 2020 results

To support the coordination of the Yorkshire Relish Dining meals for 2020 we undertook consultation with the membership base, ensuring the plans for the year ahead reflect the interests of the group. The active membership has changed significantly over the last five years so we wanted to use the consultation to identify potential changes to the organising of our meals. This is to support our continued growth on the basis of the refreshed member group whilst also listening to the feedback from those that have been attending over a longer period of time.

The first question looked at the venues we’ve used on a yearly basis, to review whether the membership wished to continue visiting:

Return visits 2020

Based on these results we will be scheduling return visits in 2020 to Tharavadu, Viva Italian (addressing the issue on space allocation) & My Thai at the Old Steps.

The second question looked at the preferred cuisine for meals, which can be used as a guide when looking for new venues in 2020:

Preferred cuisine 2020

The surprise runaway lead on this survey identified strong support for North Indian, which we’ve acted upon by booking Mumtaz Leeds for the penultimate meal of 2019 and will be including in the schedule for next year. There’s potential to include a second Italian meal over the year to complement Viva Italian, and will look at the options for Mexican & Greek. English will also be included.

Our third question looked at the cost of the meals, as this has a direct influence on the venues we use and the quality of food options on private dining facilities. 80% of respondents stated they wouldn’t pay more than £30 for their meal (6% asked for meals at under £20), with the remaining 20% willing to pay £31+.

We have always only coordinated meals on Friday evenings, so the forth question looked at whether this was still the preference for the group. 80% of respondents stated they were happy for any weekend evening &/or Sunday lunch, with only 14% stating a preference to stay with only Friday evening.

The fifth question was open for comments, to provide an opportunity to input on anything not already covered in the other questions. Based on this we:

  • will consider venues on the outskirts of the city centre, providing they can be easily accessed from the Leeds train station. Unfortunately as a Leeds based social group we wouldn’t consider events in other cities.

  • Provide more detailed description on the food options, where available.

  • Have added a link to the ‘first timers’ guidance to the booking confirmation, to help those attending for the first time to understand how they can make the experience better & understand the coordination of the event.

Thank you to everyone who took time to complete the survey, it’s been a really useful exercise to help start planning for the year ahead. Will add a separate blog post to confirm dates, and update with locations once they’re booked.